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Dr Margherita Tanzarella

Consultant Psychiatrist
Pronouns: She / Her
Locations:  Virtual, Harley Street

I am passionate about my job as psychiatrist. Prior to my psychiatric training, I also worked in general medicine and surgery, where I developed my experience working with people with neurodevelopmental disorders, mental illness and also intellectual disabilities. This invaluable experience ensures that my patients benefit from a holistic assessment and treatment.


  • MBBS equivalent with Honours, University  of Bari, Italy.

  • MRCPsych Member  of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

  • Specialist Register and completion of specialist training CCT   (GMC   General medical Council)

  • Approved Clinician under the terms of the Mental Health Act, 1983.

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Healthcare Leadership in NHS, Mary Seacole

  • Autistic Spectrum condition ( trained in ADOS, ADR, 3di)

  • ADHD 

  • Anxiety  disorder

  • Depression and Mood disorder

  • Intellectual Disabilities

  • PTSD (Post traumatic stress Disorder)

  • Psychosis  and Bipolar Affective Disorder

  • Tourette Syndrome

  • Adjustment disorder


  • Journal of affective disorder : prevalence and predictors of suicidal behavior in a sample of adults with estimated borderline intellectual functioning, results from a population survey 2010 Authors Dr A Hassiotis, Dr M Tanzarella, Dr P Bebbington, Dr C Cooper

  • Faculty report FR ID 06 : Community based services for people with ID and mental health problems 2015. Authors Professor Angela Hassiotis, Mr Ashley Guinn, Dr Margherita Tanzarella,Dr Jane Mc Carthy, Dr Ashok Roy

  • Faculty report FR ID 07 :An ID outcomes Framework for improving the quality of services for people with ID 2015 Authors Dr Sujeet Jaydeokar, Dr Margherita Tanzarella, Mr Ashley Guinn, Professor Angela Hassiotis, Dr Jane Mc Carthy, Dr Ashok Roy

  • Advances in Mental Health and Intellectual Disabilities, Relationship between Psychiatric Disorders and Adaptive Functioning in Adults with Intellectual disabilities, 2015 Bertelli M, Rossi M, Varrucciu N, Bianco A, Scuticchiu D, Del Furia C, Buono S, Tanzarella M


I am a Consultant Psychiatrist with more than 15 years of experience in mental health in the NHS.

I have completed  my core training  in psychiatry and higher training  with  the North London training scheme  following  my graduation from medical school in Italy. I have worked in general medicine and surgery as part of my training.

During my higher training I worked at the Michael  Rutter centre for Children and Adolescents with complex Autism and associated neurodevelopmental disorders including ADHD at South London and Maudsley. I have also trained at the Royal Free Hospital  working with Adults  with enduring mental illness. I have received training in psychodynamic psychotherapy, CBT and Cognitive Analytic Therapy.

I have worked at the Tavistock and Portman as part of the eating disorder therapy groups, family therapy and counselling service for adolescents with self harm behaviours and emotional dysregulation.


I am skilled in assessment and management of Attention Deficit Disorder (ADHD) and in prescribing and monitoring ADHD  medication .


My specialist skills include also assessment and management of common and severe  mental health disorders in Adults such as anxiety, depression, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), Tourette Syndrome, psychosis and bipolar affective disorder, and prescribing and monitoring effects of medication.


I  have been  the  Lead  Consultant  Psychiatrist for the Autism service in Tower Hamlets and Hackney and I have extensive experience in diagnosis  and management of  people with Autism and I can contribute well towards a better understanding of how neuro-diversity can affect common mental health presentation including mood disorders, anxiety, and psychosis.

My experience includes working with Adults with Intellectual Disabilities and challenging behaviour.

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