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Associate Psychiatrist

Pronouns: She/Her

"I see the person and family in front of me and not a label. I listen to their story and help them make sense of their difficulties. Journeys through healthcare need not be fraught with difficulties at every turn, further adding to the trauma some families and young people must endure. I believe in the dignity and uniqueness of every child and young person and love to help them to find their strengths to navigate the challenges of life.  I pride myself on thinking in a global way about someone's physical and mental health in the context of their world rather than seeing them as a list of symptoms." 


  • General Psychiatric Assessment and Management.

  • Psychoeducation regarding common and complex mental health presentations.

  • Family and parenting work.

  • Prescribing of medication (ideally used in addition to other psychotherapeutic interventions).

  • MB BS Medicine iBsc Psychology

  • MRCPsych, Royal College of Psychiatrists

  • Chair of the Down's Syndrome Research Foundation UK

  • Member of Embracing Complexity in Neurodevelopmental Conditions and Mental Health

  • Member of the Institute of Functional Medicine


"Dr Liz provides feedback given on a very personalised way especially with life long techniques" 

"Dr Liz gives excellent care, service and rapport"

"Dr Liz is extremely clear and detailed in explaining all treatment plans"


I am known as Dr Corcoran, or Dr Liz to my patients and  graduated from  Royal Free University College London in 2005. I am a member of the Royal College of Psychiatry. Though my psychiatric training, I gained experience in a wide range of sub specialisms including learning disability, child psychiatry and a broad range of therapeutic modalities.  I have had a unique and bespoke experience both within the healthcare system and the charitable sector as a stakeholder helping advocate for marginalised groups at government and grass roots level. This work is born out my lived experience of being a sibling of someone with Down's syndrome. This has given me a passion for avoiding diagnostic overshadowing which is when a healthcare professional assumes that a patient's disability is due to their disability or coexisting mental health condition rather than fully exploring cause of patient's symptoms.


I have worked and trained within NHS and private settings: in-patient psychiatric wards, liaison psychiatry and out patient settings in secondary and primary care. I am comfortable assessing and signposting children, adults and family to the most suitable therapy style based on their situation. Throughout all this I passionately maintain my 'person first' approach, seeing patients as individuals first and foremost. 

In addition I have pursued further education with the Institute of Functional Medicine as a means to ‘come alongside’ my patients to help them make changes and improve their global health. Functional medicine addresses the whole person, not just an isolated set of symptoms and can help children and families achieve better physical and mental health through tailored advice on nutrition and lifestyle.

I run the only UK charity focused on medical research helping people with Down’s syndrome, the Down's Syndrome Research Foundation UK. The Foundation is involved with ethical reviews, lobbying the government and health care bodies such as Public Health England. I authored "Can I Tell You About Down Syndrome"for the popular book series. The Foundation are also founding members of the Embracing Complexity Coalition, working to improve the lives of people with neurodevelopmental conditions.


In my spare time I love trying new ways to make art and have done a metal working and glass blowing courses and was chuffed I didn't burn myself with the furnace!