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Mental Health Intern
Pronouns: She/Her

True connection and growth begin with understanding and empathy, as every individual's journey deserves to be heard and valued.

I am Omaya, a Clinical Mental Health Sciences postgraduate, working towards a career as a clinical psychologist. My diverse experiences, including working as a Therapeutic Support Worker for young people with eating disorders and as an Honorary Assistant Psychologist within NHS Talking Therapies, have enabled me to engage empathetically with individuals of various ages and backgrounds across the UK and Lebanon.

Growing up in a different culture has given me a deep respect for the impact of culture on identity, mental health, and wellbeing. This background fosters my interest in systemic work, understanding that individuals and their environments are interlinked. I am passionate about working with young people and their families.

In line with Eleos Clinic's approach to compassionate care, I firmly believe that healing takes place in safe and trusting relationships.


Working at Eleos Clinic presents an exciting opportunity to learn from a dynamic interdisciplinary team, providing holistic, compassionate, and person-centered care to our clients.

In my personal time, I enjoy long walks in nature, watching TV series or documentaries, and weightlifting at the gym.

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