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Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist
Pronouns: He/Him
Location: Virtual

I believe in a person centred approach to clinical care. This means that I am keen to understand what is important for you and look at options that align with your views, where ever possible.

As a Consultant Psychiatrist, I have expertise in medication management and practice an evidence based approach to mental health problems. I strive to bring diagnostic clarity to the problems faced by both young people and their families; to help them understand their challenges and direct them to the appropriate supports and where necessary the medication option as well. In my practice, I embrace a multidisciplinary framework when dealing with complex presentations. 


I am a Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist. I have worked in Psychiatry for over 17 years, in Child & Adolescent Psychiatry for 13 years and as a Consultant Child & Adolescent Psychiatrist for 9 years.  My experience includes specialist CAMHS services for Neurodevelopmental disorders like ADHD, Inpatient Psychiatry Unit and Liaison Psychiatry where there are issues with both mental health and physical health. I have worked in NHS CAMHS Services since 2015. My clinical experience, personal attributes and working style has gained me the reputation as a reliable, reflective and respectful psychiatrist both from patients and colleagues. 

I am a Clinical Supervisor for Junior Doctors in training and the Co-chair of Child & Adolescent Psychopharmacology Interest group for West of Scotland.  I was previously been involved with Medication Prescribing group to look into patient safety in relation to medication.

I have been fortunate to work with the Child Trauma Academy, Texas and I am experienced in the use of Neurosequential Model of therapeutics. This is an approach that integrates core principles of neurodevelopment, attachment and traumatology to inform work with children with mental health difficulties. This helps to provide predictable, responsive, safe and developmentally appropriate mental health care.

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