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Eleos Clinic offers a compassionate approach to the assessments and tools required to achieve success and thrive in your life. 

We see a range of common and more complex mental health difficulties and disorders. At Eleos Clinic, we provide comprehensive evaluations and help to identify the next steps in treatment.  

Our multi-disciplinary team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, systemic/family practitioners and psychotherapists.


All mental health specialists are recognised experts and work together to assess and treat mental and behavioural health conditions. This includes depression, anxiety, stress, neurodiverse conditions and interpersonal issues including relationship and work difficulties.  



Private Psychiatry

Consultant led assessments and treatment plans to help formulate, understand and treat mental health difficulties.

Physical Health support

We use a compassionate and body-mind approach. This includes liaison with GP's and other physical health specialists.

Occupational Therapy

Mental Health Occupational therapy assessments and treatments to help improve functioning and daily living skills.

Adult Autism Assessments

Gold standard, multi-disciplinary assessments and post-diagnostic support for autism and a range of neurodevelopmental conditions. Treatment of co-existing mental health issues.

ADHD Assessment Clinic

Comprehensive Consultant Led ADHD assessments and post diagnostic support.

ADHD in Women and Girls

Private Psychology 

We provide Clinical Psychology assessments and a range of evidence based Psychology interventions.


We offer Psychotherapy assessments and interventions.

Support for loved ones

Education, family sessions and parenting work offered.

Our specialist team of clinicians can offer comprehensive assessments and treatment for you. For more information on  services and fees please contact our admin team.

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