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We hope that this information is useful and if you have any more questions, please contact Eleos Clinic on or on our phone number 020 3903 9737.


We are all here to listen and support you through your journey.

How can I be referred to Eleos Clinic?

Eleos Clinic accepts referrals from all adults, families and professionals. This may include the GP, school, colleges, universities or other partners (therapists, doctors or other clincicians). A referral letter is recommended by the GP if possible, to share what other medical issues are present, treatments received and whether there are any medications prescribed or allergies.

How do I contact someone at the clinic?

If you would like to contact us, you can send a brief email to or call 020 3903 9737. From 5pm to 9am Monday to Friday and at the weekends, there is an answering machine service. You will receive a response within the next working day when you contact the clinic.

What is confidentiality and how does this work?

All sessions are private and confidential. This also includes sessions for young people whose sessions are being paid for by their parents.


However, it can be helpful to share information, for example, with a GP, a young person’s parents/guardians or other partners, but permission will be sought before any action is taken.


In line with our professional duty and local safeguarding procedures, confidentiality will only be broken if there are fears for a client’s safety, risk or the safety of someone else but where possible this will occur in discussion with the patient about who should be told and how.


Professional guidelines specify that all mental health clinicians must have regular supervision with colleagues to review clinical work undertaken. At Eleos Clinic, peer supervision and review is available to all clinicians. The requirement aims to ensure that high standards are maintained, and no patient identifiable data will be shared or divulged outside the clinic.

When is consent taken?

Consent will be taken prior to commencing assessment and treatment at Eleos Clinic. You will be asked if you wish to be informed of any groups or events offered by the clinic.

What do I need to complete before I see someone?

You will be asked to complete a general enquiry form and questionnaires prior to attending the first appointment. This is to help your clinicians understand how they can best support you. Please let the clinic know if you have any questions regarding this.

Do you provide video consultations?

We provide video consultations via a secure link which will be sent to you upon booking your appointment.  

Who do you communicate with?

As a clinic, GP’s and referrers are usually updated as part of our report writing and letters to keep them informed regarding care being offered. This is recognised as good practice when working with children, adults and families. Please let us know if you wish to discuss this.


After your assessments and treatment, an update letter or report will be provided for you to share with any relevant people involved. We complete letters within 4 weeks after the appointment. 

How do the appointments work?

All appointments have a fixed start and end time which are booked in advance. The clinic will work flexibly to offer appointments to work around schedules but sometimes this may not be possible and may mean having to take time off education or work to attend for an assessment or intervention.


If you arrive late or need to leave early, it will not be possible to alter the time of the appointment on the day and you will be charged for the whole appointment session. Please let the clinic know if there are any issues in attending the appointment in advance by email on or call on 020 3903 9737.

Where can I find information on fees?

Our fees are fixed for each appointment and you will be informed regarding the cost and billing process when you book and we will discuss what else will be required if further sessions are recommended. Any additional prescriptions or further appointments are charged. 


If you require further information on fees, please speak to the admin team. The clinic has a billing team who will contact you after you book with our admin team. If you have any questions, please let us know.


Costs and fees are reviewed every year to ensure a sustainable, safe, and quality multidisciplinary mental health service is being provided and there will be further correspondence if there are any changes.

What is your cancellation policy?

The clinic requires at least 48 hours’ notice (this does not include weekends) for re-scheduling or changing any appointments.​

What happens if I need a prescription?

Private prescriptions are provided when medication is prescribed by one of our doctors. Eleos Clinic will send prescriptions to your nominated pharmacy. It may be that your GP is agreeable to writing a prescription if you are being supervised – it is helpful to find out if this is possible beforehand but if not, we can also enquire about this. Private prescriptions are usually included as part of the appointment or will be charged separately.  


As part of prescribing practice, you will be provided with verbal and written information regarding medications and how they fit into helping you, your child or young person to improve their mental health.

Who do I contact if there is a crisis?

Families sometimes require additional support. The type of assessments and therapy offered in private practice is not suited to dealing with emergencies or crisis. We will always provide details on how parents and young people can contact us. While the clinic will do its best to support and bring forward appointments however there will be times when it is not possible.


If you, your child or young person find yourself unable to cope between appointments, and you are not able to contact me or a clinician in the service, then your GP should be your next point of contact. Alternatively, you could contact NHS 111 for advice or attend your local Accident and Emergency Department to see the on-call team. In the case of an emergency, please do not leave us a text or voicemail, as we may not be able to respond very quickly.


It is worth also being aware of organisations such as the Samaritans (tel: 116 123 who provide telephone support at any time of the day or night.

Young Minds ( provide help and information on parenting issues, emotional issues, and self-harm. YoungMinds have a crisis messenger service for free 24/7 support across the UK. If you need urgent help text YM to 85258. All texts are answered by trained and supervised volunteers.


ChildLine can offer support to your child 24 hours a day (tel: 0800 1111;

What is your Data Protection policy?

Eleos clinic is registered with the Information Commissioning Office ( Secure computerised records are kept about you and your child or young person’s basic information, such as name, address, date of birth, contact details, parents name and contact details, referrers name, who else might be involved and General Practitioners name.


The clinic likes to know how you heard about the services it provides. This information is solely for the clinic use to ensure that we have accurate information about your child and to aid communication.


As required by Professional Guidelines, notes are documented and completed electronically. Any reports, letters, treatment plans, questionnaires and results, or typed summaries are also saved on a secure electronic medical records system.


Letters or reports will be shared with you electronically through the clinic medical records system. This is a secure way of sending you reports.


The Registration Form asks for your contact details. This includes your address, phone number and email address. It is recommended that to share information you use a personal rather than a work email as this might be accessed by others.


If your child is being seen, your child’s records will not be passed onto anyone else and will be retained until their 25th birthday.

How do I share compliments, complaints or feedback?

We are always looking to improve our care and service. If you have any specific comments or innovative ideas regarding the clinic and services, please let the clinic know on and you will receive a response within 48 hours. If you have any complaints, please contact the clinic on and address your email to the Manager and you will receive a response within 48 hours. All our clinicians are independent practitioners working with the clinic and your concerns may be directed to the clinician you have seen to respond. 


As part of feedback and outcome monitoring, Eleos Clinic will ask you to complete feedback on services. This can be completed anonymously and is an important part of the learning for the clinic.

Where can I contribute or learn more about mental health?

There is more information on our website and social media channels. At Eleos Clinic, the aim is to be accessible, responsive, and helpful. Please let the team know if you have any ideas or thoughts on how we can continue to serve the community to provide information on mental health and neurodiverse conditions.

We hope that this information helps to answer any questions you have.


Thank you for reading this.

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