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The Eleos Clinic education and clinical team can be contacted to book in an appointment if you require support and guidance regarding education or require specialist input from teaching staff and clinicians trained in school based difficulties.

We have expertise in working with school and communicating any required specialist or reasonable accomodations. These accomodations are the adjustments required to help your child become more successful in school. The clinical and education team is able to work collaboratively with you and your child to help with clinical assessments, recommendations and reports which are required for supporting your child in their education and also for the purpose of Educational Health Care Plans (EHCP) applications.


As a clinical service, we cannot guarantee that the local authority will issue an EHCP however we can provide specialist guidance and input to help your child. The decision for EHCP's are provided by local authorities. The education service can be booked in addition to clinical assessments, on an hourly rate.

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