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Eleos Clinic offers children, young people, adults and families the assessments and tools required to achieve success and thrive in their lives. We see people presenting with a range of common and more complex mental health difficulties and disorders. 

Our multi-disciplinary team includes paediatricians, psychiatrists, psychologists, occupational therapists, systemic/family practitioners and educational specialists. All specialists are compassionate, recognised experts and work together to support children, young people, adults and families.



Eleos Clinic can support your child with behavioral, emotional, developmental and social challenges.
Our specialist team of clinicians can offer comprehensive assessments and treatment for you and your family. For more information on  services and fees please contact our admin team.

Private Psychiatry

Consultant led assessments and treatment plans to help formulate, understand and treat mental health difficulties.

Community Paediatrics

Consultant Paediatric assessments and management plans using a compassionate and body-mind approach.

Occupational Therapy

Mental Health Occupational therapy assessments and treatments for children and young people to help improve functioning and daily living skills.

Autism Assessment Clinic

Gold standard, multi-disciplinary assessments and post-diagnostic support for autism and a range of neurodevelopmental conditions. Treatment of co-existing mental health issues.

ADHD Assessment Clinic

Comprehensive Consultant Led ADHD assessments and post diagnostic support.

Transitions Service

Assessment, support and treatment for 16-20 year olds.


We provide Clinical Psychology assessments and Psychology interventions.

Education Service

We currently work with many independent and local authority schools in London and Essex. Eleos Clinic works with homeschoolers, colleges and universities. Consultation, assessments and EHCP support.

Parent/Carer Education and Support

Education, family sessions and parenting work offered.

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