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Emotional Lockdown

Updated: Sep 29, 2022

Although the UK and much of the world is currently living in a physical lockdown, this week’s Place2B seventh Children’s Mental Health Week provides an excellent opportunity to reflect on the different ways you can express yourself creatively and improve your mental health. 

As families, you may be experiencing different hurdles and opportunities right now – they may be social, physical, emotional or economic. There is also the loss or change of the life you were used to prior to the pandemic. An adjustment to a new way of living in a less than certain period. It can be difficult to find natural breaks, take time of work or school plus we are all interacting less with nature and your social world including your all your different relationships and friendships. There may be ongoing worries about the impact of covid-19 and our futures. With this uncertainty around, it is not surprising if this takes its toll on minds and bodies. This further highlights why everyone can benefit from creative expression as a tool for providing hope, creating space between thoughts, emotions and actions. 

Creativity can help you to divert your attention to growth, playfulness and joyfulness.  


It is easy to think that expressing emotions is done by talking but you can also self soothe and manage your energy levels by exercising, listening to music, dancing, moving and playing sport. The list is endless. 

What else can you think of that brings you joy? What would you recommend to a best friend in your situation? 

The beauty of creativity is that there is no right or wrong, there is always something you can find and become engaged with. 

Some things you could try


Can you set ourselves a task to learn to let go of the expectations to do things and just allow yourself just 'to be' practising self kindness for five or ten minutes a day, through a creative activity?  

To find joy in the daily routine – perhaps you could take part in mindful colouring in or even a squiggle game (see Place2be website for more information). Whether it is dancing as you wash the dishes, dusting down that sketch pad or just allowing ourselves the pleasure of your favourite reading book or music.

Try different scents, music, lighting to adapt your environment and change your sensory experience. 

Try a different five minute activity every day - schedule it in if you need to and see where it takes you. 

Do have a look at for different activities for children, young people, families and professionals to get involved with.

At Eleos Clinic, we are here to help share great ideas and tools for children, young people and families to live healthier lives and improve their mental wellbeing.  


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